Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Normally, I'm not a huge doll guy.
But when I found this Hi-Glamm fashion doll on the shelf at the Salvation Army, stuffed between one of those "Glue some shells on a picture frame and mail it to Grandma" kits and a tube of hydrocortisone from the 1970s, something in me said to bring the lady home.

The writing on the box made her life sound so amazing that my own seemed broken and empty by comparison.

I wish I was keen in sport. I did shoot a hoop the other day, but the rebound bounced very far from me and I was too discouraged to chase it down.

None of my friendships have ever had any of these qualities. There might have been some Freshness, maybe a long time ago, but certainly not now.

This part made me feel sorry for myself because I have short, thumb-like legs that are not fun at all. Long tights would come up to my face.

 This would make an excellent objective to write on a resume.

After I got the Hi-Glamm Kit doll open, I made her go on a date with my friend Megator.


  1. Mike that was an awesome display of time wasting but funny as hell..I waste too much time on Facebook doing shit like this. At least yours has an element of imagination to it

  2. You're back!!! Laughed my head off! And man, she DOES have really long legs.

  3. I don't know what's better - the exciting packaging, or the date. They're both better! The ending - oh MY! So romantic. I need a minute...

    1. Thanks Joe-it was very emotional to photograph

  4. That gal looks like she's spent some time in the taffy puller. The taffy puller?! Hey! That was my idea!