Thursday, September 19, 2013


My wife and I are disgusting people.

Recently, a cat bowel moved on our laundry room floor.

And so, the little cat feces lay there, day after day, month after month. Until.....

We shut the door and waited.

But the magic water let us down. When it had receded into mold, we gasped at what was left behind.

Meanwhile, things got worse.

I stopped believing in the power of showers to clean me.

Instead, I foolishly trusted in the scratchy surfaces of my blankets to exfoliate my body while I tossed and turned in my sleep.

It didn't work and I became stinky.

In the night time, we sat atop piles of a clean and dirty laundry mix, diapers carefully wrapped in plastic bags and then left on the floor, and random trash strewn about because we don't know what to do when a garbage can is full. 

It was our lowest point we had ever been to as a couple.

We knew we had to change.

That night, my wife tenderly bathed me.

 It was very romantic, as they say. Like having a live-in nurse or caretaker. 

The best part was when my wife finally cleaned up the poop, because a plumber was coming and we did not want to be embarrassed.


  1. Ha! I'm cracking up in the mold infested basement I'm currently living in. Now I'm sad because I feel unclean.

  2. "... and we did not want to be embarrassed." - ,,,,, you already showed us your bare ass. This was a bit different.

    1. Is your wife taLLer than you or was this just a perspective thing?

  3. OMG. Your hairy ass. The comic beauty of it all. It's almost operatic.

  4. Whew! For a minute there I was afraid the poo pile would be the next talking brain. I was skeered. ;-)

  5. It is so strange. The other day my alarm went off and I awoke and i was dreaming of Gweenbrick. I do not even know you. Yet you were in my dream as some kind of cartoon-ninja-boy-man and I was confused. Then I read this post and, although my mind was soothed by your comics, I was still left with the feeling of WHAT. I think your blog in important to my psyche. Please do go on.

  6. "It was very romantic, as they say. Like having a live-in nurse or caretaker." HAHAHAAHA!!! This is one of my favorite GB's EVER!!!!!

  7. Cute story. The art is also cute indeed. I'm totally entertained.

  8. If things don't work out with your wife, have her call me. There's something gross in my crawl space I can't even think about.

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