Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clothes Tangent

But I don't like buying clothes.

WAA! WAA! WAA! People die everyday from cancer of the face and hands, and you are complaining about clothes shopping.

Shut up, Brain; if you're going to be annoying, just stay in the car.

"Hi, Maryanne. Anything good today?"

"Look around, honey, you never know....treasures...treasures," she mumbles off.

Does she know you sell stuff on ebay?

Nah, I try to keep a low profile. When these thrift stores find out you're a dealer, they start hemming and hawing over what to charge you for stuff, trying to decide if you are about to walk away with some priceless treasure for a steal.

So don't blurt it out.


Yes, you. You've done it before. You have like a weird compulsive need to tell thrift store staff that you sell junk on ebay. 

Can't remember....

Yes you do. Don't make me give you the stink eye....

What is the stink eye anyways?

 I think it's more like this.

 Come on, we better get looking for clothes.

They'll say hurtful things like "Well I never-" and "Of all the-" and they'll take my award away.

I can't handle loss on that scale.

That's so dumb. You make everything into such a Big Problem. And you always assume the worst is going to happen.

No I don't.

Are you joking? Those are like black velour lady pants. No one would ever buy those, especially not a well-meaning husband in a misguided attempt to pick out clothes for his wife's birthday.

Did you get "lady pants" from The Office?

Dunno....I can't keep track of where anything comes from anymore. I'm just going to pretend it's all mine.....

That might get you into trouble someday, if your blog ever gets really big.

Sheeesh, yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Who are you making hopeful eyebrows* to?

Nobody. The Internet.


Did you just circulate one finger while holding it perpendicular to your head  in what is considered to be the universal sign for 'crazy'?

I don't know....I can't always be responsible for what the rest of me is doing.

Speaking of the blog, are you still working on 'Manboy Japan'?

Kind of....I make myself draw at least one picture a day for it. It's kind of tedious.



Oh nothing.

It's just that....sometimes, it seems like, maybe, you might have a little bit of a hard time actually finishing things. You let your struggles with self-doubt and depression sabotage everything you work on.

Don't say 'sabotage'; it's such a therapy word.

No it's not. Are you trying to distract me from giving you a fakely reluctant talking to?

 It's a logo, not a mascot.

So what? I'm too lazy to go back and change the caption on that picture up there.

Anyways, you was just a rock tumbler.

Ewww, I hate those. They are such a load of crap, making kids think they can turn all the rocks they dig out of the gravel into semi-precious stones.

I know, and you have to leave them going for like a week. It sounds like someone running a blender around the clock.

Yeah! So stupid!



I hate watching them try on ridiculous things and then run about the store like low-rent Merry Pranksters. 
They ruin everything.

Plus they buy all the old Nintendo games.

I know! 

Anyways, we should go.

But you didn't get anything! The whole trip was a waste!

Why did you have Mushmouth be at the thrift store?

I dunno, bored I guess.

And it's shaped like a cheeseburger!

Shhhhhh....that's enough now, Brain, just show the video.

*copyright property of Steamme Upkid

Friday, April 20, 2012

Manboy Japan Part 3

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What does my room look like????

The suspense is killing me!

Tune in next time, for Manboy Japan Part 4: "To Carthage then I came"

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