Friday, November 4, 2011

'True story' does not mean 'Worth reading'

With all of the monumental, often horrific things going on in the world today, I feel like I need to produce content with a little more weight and relevance to it.

Here you go.

All true, except head punch.


  1. Ah, the pungent scent of love!

    Are you sure the head punch didn't happen, because my kid makes me do that to myself all the time?

  2. The Jules-please tell me you have never been frustrated with your child for getting his corporate franchise names confused
    tell this to me.

  3. Who takes their kid to Panera and Starbucks? I thought kids were only allowed in McDonald's and Chuck E. Cheese.

  4. My 4 year old calls Panera, 'the other Starbucks'. We only take our kids there to piss off the childless people who use it as their office.

  5. Pick your battles is right (said by the mom who chronically misplaces her children). I live for Gweenbrick.

  6. So curious: Did you go for the bag fat or piece of lettuce?

    Trivia: Panera Bread is still called "St. Louis Bread Company" in the St. Louis area, to trick us into thinking we still own it.

  7. Haley-oh no, children are allowed anywhere now. It's sick.

    Kelly-kids are perfect tools for torturing others.

    Marianne-don't live for me, live for the children you can't find.

    Alan-I dipped the lettuce into the bag of fat. It was like a lettuce donut.
    Trivia: People from St.Louis see a Panera and say, 'Hey, what's this place? Is it good?'
    and the uncle they are visiting in Michigan says
    it's like the St.Louis Bread company. What do you think? Its good, I like it. But not as good as the real thing. Oh yeah? What's not as good about it? Well, for one thing,the asiago cheese has more asiago in it. What is asiago?
    Trivia:Asiago is an Italian cow's milk cheese that can assume different textures.
    Alan's uncle says 'Oh' and silently wishes Alan had never come for a visit.

  8. Reason number 239842938423 I don't want kids. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Damn right. Those poor companies work their arses off to promote their names, and some little squirt has the audacity to get them mixed up with a virtually identical competitor.

  10. Oh man just thinking about bag fat..wefh;owefbouqwhdfowueBFJWEbfCO:WEjbfondeiojsdcmfesckmkmasc

  11. GweenBrick, Where did your butthole post go? It was funny, because it was about buttholes. And now I've said butthole three times. That was kind of a psychic statement, there. Because I started typing it before I said butthole for the third time. And now I've said it four times. You must hate me. I will leave.

  12. As ever... hilarious.

    Sometimes the moments life throws at us in unexpected places are the best.