Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thomas Made a Video

I didn't take enough pictures, so what you see gets real repetitive, real fast.

Please pretend that a four year old child made it, so what would be "bad" or "shoddy" if done by an adult would instead be "endearing".

This song reminds me of being sad in middle school.

It was also the only song I karaoked when I went to Japan.

I just picked it because it was the only one in the book I actually knew, and I remembered it well from singing it softly to myself all through middle school.

The video that played on the screen while I sang was two men having a feud over judo or something.

So if you take anything away from this video, let it be that middle school is sad, and judo doesn't really seem to fit with too many songs. 


  1. I went to Japan when I was some age before 4. I threw up in my father's pocket. I don't remember that, but my mom assures me it happened. I do, however, remember lots of neon lights, silver and glass buildings, and tables full of wind-up robots.

  2. cinematography at its finest!! i've missed Thomas. i hope he's missed me too.

  3. What I have from Japan is a 60-some year old German-made camera, roll film type, bellows, collapsible, that my father got in Japan during his stay there.
    I think I shot one roll of film through it.
    No robots.
    A few stories from my father.
    No judo.

  4. This is without a doubt the best video I've ever seen that contains furnace filters, a mattress wall, unused greenscreen, and a wicker clothes hamper.

  5. Jrose-what? Tables full of wind-up robots? I want I want I want-can you draw me a picture of how awesome that table full of robots was?

    medora-I am glad you like Thomas-I would do more of them (not videos) but I can never think of any ideas

    esbboston-have you ever looked that camera up on ebay?

    Shinyinside-that's one of the Lollipop guild from wizard of oz-the ones that dance like they have tardive dyskinesia

    Alan-Yay for you, Alan, for recognizing my superior set design skills! The location scouting was a grueling process.

  6. Best 3 minutes of my life. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. *Bows head in quiet reflection and dutiful respect to your orsum vid skillz*

    Now do Sledgehammer!

  8. Marianne- thank you! I am glad you liked it.

    The Jules-I get uncomfortable when I hear Peter Gabriel sing that song. He just...just nothing about him says Sledgehammer.

  9. +100 For laughs
    +100 For no credits

  10. i liked your use of stop motion and the empty space box. and also, your drummer was the bomb. i noticed the mattresses in the background. it made me picture a very strange room that you were using for your "studio." is that your padded room?

  11. ...can't...type...crying...moved...emotional...sob

    ps I think you might just have a bit too much time on your hands.

  12. C Wintercoats-I think credits are usually reserved for when you are actually proud of what you created, as opposed to ashamed

    SherilinR- Its more like a basement spattered with the lifetime of accumulation of stuff

    dirtycowgirl-oh no, I have no time on my hands...I did this at 2 in the morning because I could not sleep, and I am hurting today
    It was not really worth it

    Olga-I cannot answer for Thomas, but if you look anything like Mammy from Gone with the Wind, he feels the same way and wishes you would come back to him

  13. This is actually a well-made and convincing movie. Thomas is a true artist!

  14. Emily-Thanks! I say, in a stilted robotic dialect

  15. Well, tell Thomas that though I am no way like Mammy, being born looking like an Aryan poster child and all, I will always care for him from a distance.

    He's got that jungle fever, huh? YOW!

  16. That was phenomenally powerful. I wept for Thomas, and his loss of his giant mammy love. I need to know where the Mammy doll came from. I must have one!
    ...Also, I may or may not have peed a little at the drummer.

  17. I too am a huge fan of the Mammy doll! You also rocked my world with the appearance of the Lollypop Kid and the woody wagon!!

  18. opulent trombone-the mammy came from the thrift store, as did most of the things that appear in the blog. My classroom is on the same street as several thrift shops, so I am always walking over there with some kids to find "treasures"

    Brenda-the lollypop guild doll is very creepy in person. And the woody wagon is from my own collection of fake vintage tin wind-ups. I can't afford the real vintage ones but I love the tin look