Monday, November 14, 2011

A League of my own

Well, at last I belong somewhere.

Noa Gavin of OH, NOA bid me enter the hallowed halls of the League of Funny Bitches.

I love being in leagues and teams and guilds and stuff-let me just get my costume on and meet the other heroes.

I am ready.

I peruse the Rolls of Membership to find familiar faces with which to fraternize.

Hey, it's Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen!


  1. What is this League of funny bitches of which you speak ??

    And why have I not been invited.
    Ok I'm not that funny - but I am a massive bitch.

    Congrats...I love that your follower count is ever increasing - pretty soon you're gonna be up there with Hyperbole etc.
    Just don't forget us minions..... :)

    Hilarious post as ever too.

  2. Hilarious! Noa's league sent me here xD

  3. Other peoples tears are the source of Steam me up kid's powers you know.

  4. It's like seeing your kid off on their first day of school.

    Here I am, waving you off as you go on to play with the bigger kids. (sniff sniff)

    Must not let you see me cry. Must not look back.
    (banshee wail) I always knew that this day would come, I just didn't know that it would come so soon. (falls down to knees and hugs the pavement)

    Seriously congrats!! You deserve the recognition. :0)

  5. dirtycowgirl- thanks! Did you click the link at the top? You can see the League thing there-

    personification-I am glad you clicked over, please come back!

    The Jules-I figured as much

    lily-you're silly. Get off the pavement. Ma, you're making a scene



    See how... see what I did there... it's a play on your title. A clever thing I did. SAY IT'S CLEVER!! SAY IT!! *cocks rifle*

  7. I was walking about my work place earlier singing the "Everyone hates me I should eat worms" song. My coworkers didn't believe me when I said it was a real song. Now I can use your blog as proof. Thanks

  8. Hahahah, this post was great. Buck up, superhero!

  9. Steam me up kid-its so clever that I don't even understand it...did you mean 'baseball' or something?

    Ally-Yes, use my blog as proof. Make all those people read my blog, make them follow it. Do that to prove how right you were. I will not stop you.

    Gia-yeah, I kind of got a little wussish in the end there.

  10. if i got cut in little zorro marks around my body and my super cute purple outfit was tattered, i'd want out too. looks like mean girls 3.

  11. Tears - Heat - Steam - Salty Residue

    Sounds like an album title.

  12. Fourth frame, Hannah Hart: Yes, maybe a chocolatesque toupée would be a good look for you. Especially with winter coming.

    Don't ask me how I spelled toupée with the little doo hickey on top, it was like magic or something. Let me try again: toupee! Drats, the magic is gone.

  13. Ah, in the last frame we learn you are left handed. Unless it was a picture of you from a mirror. Hope your wounds have healed.

  14. You know how I can tell you've never seen me in real life? Because you drew me with pants on.