Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The time has come to get so serious

I have been trying to read more blogs and learn more about blogging.
I noticed many humor bloggers occasionally do a serious post.
Please bear with me through this dramatic shift in tone I am about to undergo.

It all started when I was a baby

My father took me to a Digital Underground concert. That's all I want to say about that.

Many years later, I was playing Crazy Climber at Chuck E. Cheese. I felt a presence behind me and suddenly

His paws smelled of sweat and old pizza. He never spoke. 

I used up all my serious drawing that stupid picture of the Crazy Climber game.

Guess what?

Courtesy of School Lunches of America, proving once again that delicious foods can come in steaming bags.

Anyways, better get serious.

So after Chuck E. Cheese spooned me while playing an arcade game, I waited another fifteen years and then turned to drugs.

The first time I smoked grass
we were all in a closet but I don't know why. 

I was not sure how I was supposed to feel so I pretended it was soooooooooooo fun.

Than I overheard someone mutter how annoying I was when I was high.

I would have fought him because those are the kinds of words that should always be answered with fists and angry repetition of the question "What?! What?! What?! Dude, what?!", but I was not really a fighter, and besides, now that I was toking doobies,  I had to love peace and Joni Mitchell and all that stuff.

Skipping ahead, I didn't like AA because they were really hard on me.


  1. Very heartfelt and touching. This must have been very hard for you to write - I feel your pain...

  2. krouth-are you patronizing me?! What!? Dude?! What!?

  3. I think all the MaryJane has made you paranoid.

    Although if you went into the closet in order to smoke it then you were already half way there before you even started.

  4. If I could do a serious post using humor in the way that you do, then I think I would.
    For me, that's the mark of a good writer, to make people feel a range of emotions, from funny to sad all in one post.

    If you weren't so talented, I'd hate you!

  5. dirtycowgirl-I have racked my memory to uncover why we were in that closet, with no success. Paranoia sounds like as good an explanation as any.
    Lily-Aw shucks, you always say such nice stuff (blush)(shuffle feet) (twist bad ankle from feet shuffling and collapse to the ground)(Shake my fist at you when you just stand there laughing instead of helping).

  6. Well, this is kind of funny....someone asked me if gravy bagging meant what they thought it meant and then pointed out to me that the picture was vaguely, very vaguely, similar in appearance to a man' packet of genetic information.
    However, this was absolutely not intentional!!!
    It was gravy in a bag, for school lunch, and it was really gross. I lifted it up for the picture and the density and sliding properties of the gravy were such perverted hindsight only.....a suggestive form can be read into the picture, but only by those seeking such forms in all gently curving bags found in nature.
    I meant absolutely nothing sexual by the whole gravy-bagging thing, I am so stupid it did not even occur to me.
    Ok, supercrazyrobots?
    Don't tell mom, because it was an accident, stupid dammit.

  7. Actually, that last part pretty much sums me up.
    I would help you up...eventually...after I'd finished guffawing and taken a couple of snaps to post on Facebook.

  8. I can see the afterschool special now.