Sunday, October 9, 2011

This I no longer believe

These are some things I no longer believe in:

Guy Fawkes Day.

 The deodorizing abilities of deodorant sticks that are almost gone.

That I will get to be a librarian, because I was not picked for the Men of the Stacks calendar.

If I had been, I would have sexually seared the eyeballs of every man or woman who saw me:


  1. My eyes hurt now. More than usual.

  2. yeah, sorry about that. I realized after posting this that it is a lot clothed.
    I guess I kind of took the joke and rode that pony right into the dirt.

  3. If that were a real calender, then I'd buy it...but then I'm on meds for psychosis...

  4. Lily stole my comment.

    Well apart from the but about psychosis. I'm just moderately insane, I think she's full blown.

    But seriously you should make that calendar - you could sell it via your blog to the thousands who will soon be reading it.

  5. i'm pretty partial to the summer reading program picture. nothing says appropriate like a man in a speedo around children at the library!

  6. lily-I am sorry you are psychotic. And by telling me that, I have to say it really diminishes every compliment you have ever given me about my blog.
    dirtycowgirl-see above comment for lily, except since your insanity is only moderate, it only moderately diminishes the compliments
    SherilinR-Yep, I pretty much figure I blasted future library job prospects out of the water with that little slice of cheesecake

  7. once upon a time there was an under-appreciated blog-reader. let's call her 'medora' (any resemblance to the real medora is purely coincidental) she was a devoted reader of a delightful blog which often depicted partially nude and harry people. and sometimes robots. she sat at the computer day after day in quiet admiration of the award-winning blogger. one day, the big bad blogger accused 'medora' of not reading his blog. this made her sad. so sad.

    the end.

  8. medora- that is the saddest story I have ever read.
    What a jerk!
    It would suck to be related to that ass or his ass wife in any possible way.
    That ass couple really bugs me.
    You should stop reading that blog!
    Keep reading mine, though, because I would never accuse you of anything, my friend.

  9. I really like your picture from May. I mean, who of us hasn't made the mistake of reading a book outside, in the nude, during the rainy month of May?!? I know I have (just ask my neighbors). It tells us that you're sexy, but you're also fallible like the rest of us "non-sexy" types...

  10. krouth-May? I totally thought I wrote April on there-that is so funny. That makes it even stupider, but now I am laughing at your "rainy month of May" comment-oh yes, "fallible" is a word you could never apply enough to me

  11. Wait. I'm not supposed to be burning real bodies on Guy Fawkes Day?

    Since when?

  12. Jenny Bloggess-I have no witty comment response for you, but I am still happy you wrote something. You are a nice lady.

  13. forget cheesecake. that's more like beefcake!