Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Interviewed

Hey, guess what?
I get to be lazy today because instead of doing a post, someone wanted to interview me.

 The lovely Feryx Lim made me answer some questions for her blog, so please go to
and be prepared to be amazed at how consistently stupid I can be.
Thanks again, Feryx!


  1. Cheater. You're lucky I had an extra click in me today. Perfect stuff over at that other blog per your usual. Could you just suck once so the rest of us can feel a little better about ourselves? Jerk.

    xoxo Your #1 Fan (or at least one of your first 30 fans before the masses discovered you and you sold out like Green Dan on Behind the Music).

  2. Interview? I can already taste the dust you're leaving behind in your wake.

    Pity those of us left behind, weeping tears of sorrow over our keyboards...did I ever tell you that I have a tendency to be a bit over dramatic? You wouldn't know it, would you?

  3. I interview myself quite often, and most of the time I get the answers correct. Its the questions I get wrong. You're probably thinking right now, is he talking about talking to himself? And you are probably going to be surprised when I say no and yes.

  4. Marianne-Green Dan is one of my favorite bands. Also, I suck all the time, it's just that people's expectations for entertainment on the Internet are so low that a picture of a man pooping his pants becomes better than having no picture at all.

    Marianne- Oh. Green Day. Nah, them I hate. And comparing me to Green Day is like tearing apart my whole reason to live. Thanks, fan #22.

    lily- I think you might be a little over dramatic. A little. Did you read the interview? I kind of sound like a person talking to themselves on the city bus in it.

    esbboston-do you have any transcripts of these interviews?

  5. I made a negative comment about that interview. Is it too early in our relationship for negative comments?

    Still, a fact's a fact.

  6. the jules- What? You did what? I'm going over there to see this negative comment, and then I am going to be so mad.

  7. Loved the interview, very disturbing. Giraffes are mean little fuckers, I'm glad you ate him.

  8. Transcripts? Hmmm, probably buried eXtensively throughout my blog with very light coat of top soil.

  9. the jules- OK, I see your negative comment and I raise you one nasty picture of ossicores on my facebook wall. The gauntlet has now slapped the face that drew the line of chalk in the sand.

    Thanks for the NICE comment, Kelly.

  10. My favorite word in the Swahili language is the one for giraffe: "twiga" - easy to remember because it has giraffe food - twig - in it. You can use it in conversations, like, "does this BBQ giraffe taste a little too twiggy?"

  11. Pfft. Anybody can be nice. Watch:

    "Ooh, your . . . mum is quite slim really."


    Also, I once drew a giraffe in INK as well. On paper. Let me find it. Hang on.

    Get a load of that!

  12. The Jules-Thanks! I've always thought my mom was....hey wait a sec, you're being insincere.

    Alright, let me see this giraffe.


    It's pretty good.

    It's real good.


    Alright, you want to play ink, huh?

    It is soooooo on.
    Soooooo on sometime this weekend, probably.

  13. Just been linked to the your Facebook upload, and it won't allow me to comment, so back here now.

    Touché, my friend.

    Although judging from my giraffe's obesity, you didn't have to go through all that trouble of stabbing it to death, as it's cholesterol and blood pressure were probably higher than a condor's satellite dish. Minutes away from a stroke, I reckon.

    But then, who isn't eh? Heh. Heheheh.