Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I can now die

Dirtycowgirl has given me my first blog award!!!

I am so honored.

However, it comes with "conditions".

I have to tell 3 random facts about myself:

1)I played basketball in seventh grade, and in seventh grade only. I excel at all the sports and I scored many of the goals.

My career ended abruptly when I sprained my ankle.
The worse part was the guy who wrapped my ankle said to really tape it effectively, he would have to shave my ankle.

This may come as a surprise, but seventh grade boys absolutely pride themselves on their blossoming leg hair. The social status of hairy little boy legs in the late 80s cannot be overstated. 

2) According to the picture above, I have the nastiest looking lower leg and foot I have ever seen.

3) Since that fateful basketball match, my ankle has been a weak, traitorous bone that loves nothing more than taking sudden vacations from stability.

The resulting crash of my body has given countless strangers opportunity to belly laugh.

 Like the time I had just climbed out of the car to return Guitar Hero to the video store.

I was whistling a happy little song, like so many chubby little white men do when they go about their daily business. 

I put my foot down on the curb and my ankle said to my leg hair, "Hee hee" and promptly took five.

Everyone inside the video store crowded at the window.
Okay, so those are three things about me.

Now the other condition: I have to pass the award on to seven other bloggers. 


Hmmm...let's see, I'll give it to:

Candy for Breakfast
Just Inapropriate
Haley's Comic
I'd Like Cheese on my entire family
We Band of Mothers

and...um...I need to read more blogs...


  1. Hahahahaha I LOVE that my award prompted another hilarious post.

    I really hope it brings you a few more followers, you really do deserve them.

    "anklefro..." I nearly pissed myself at that one.

    PS. PLEASE edit my name - it's all one word. The way you have wrote it is going to give rise to even worse connotations than it already gets.

  2. Curse that damned 'Dirty Cow Girl' (separation of words intentional) I wanted to be the one that presented you with this award! (stomps feet in tantrum and purses lips)

    She's right though, you do deserve a hell of a lot more recognition. (Goes off in search of some incontinence pads from laughing so hard)

  3. dirtycowgirl-fixed the name. Thanks for the award! That was really nice, especially the cash that comes with it that I will be expecting in my paypal any minute now....

  4. Hey lily you got the award too! Blog award dorky high-five! Awkward moment of silence after previously mentioned high-five. Statements about better get going. Promises to call. Cringe face expression the second we turn our backs to each other. Hurried steps in opposite direction. One of us stops to ogle Thor dipping his locks in cake batter. The other doubles back and unknowingly purchases manhair cake.

  5. @lily, shall I order a bulk load of tena lady, it'll be cheaper if we split the cost ?

    Why does reading that last comment make me think of a black and white movie and a train station.

  6. If I had any drive or energy left, I would so market you to the masses. Thanks for the award! It's right up there with my "most improved player" moment. (:

  7. Love it! Found you via your award to cheeseblarg, looking forward to reading!

  8. Oh my god, your illustrations are just awesome. I especially like toothy pointer man for some reason.

  9. Marianne-you're welcome!
    Kelly-Yay! I love new followers!
    Steam Me Up, Kid-Exclamation point!

  10. please award one to: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/

  11. Anonymous-She has an awesome blog that puts mine to shame, but I imagine she has enough blog awards that she could swim in them like uncle scrooge.

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