Thursday, September 29, 2011

Post Post Mortem

I didn't like the post I did yesterday.

It was too long and I couldn't pay attention.

This is going to be real short, because it's about how I don't like buzzwords and stuff. 

This post is going to be so good.
It's going to have hilarious pictures.
I am going to brilliantly skewer idiots who say things like proactive, tipping point, and sea change.


You ever get that feeling inside, like you just deflated? 
You thought you had a good idea, but then your cerebellum goes poooooooooooooooot and suddenly you find yourself googling your own name and thinking man the other gweenbrick doesn't have manboobies and he drives a Jaguar. 
Stupid doppelganger in name only.

So you start again on a post about your co-worker and her Kentucky relatives, including Joe-baby who knows everything there is to know about four-wheelers.

But then you decide it is too mean, especially the part where you make fun of her saying "expescially" all the time, and you figure you better not because she scares you a little bit.

And then you remember you are actually at work, taxpayer money is funding your time spent sitting on the internet and eating peanuts from a can the size of a bucket, and that somewhere there is a 24 year old man's poop covered bottom just begging to be wiped.

God help you, you are the man for the job.


  1. I hate buzzwords too... I'm really glad Dirty Cow Girl told me about your blog - it makes me giggle.

  2. Thanks krouth, dirtycowgirl has been a superfan and I am grateful to her
    can you make an mp3 of yourself giggling? I am just giggle is really effeminate and unflattering and I am just wondering if other men giggle like i do. At the moment I can't remember why I thought you are a man, so if you aren't, don't bother sending me a giggle because if it sounds like me, than I will know I giggle like a girl

  3. I prefer the term superhero.

    I once googled DCG and was taken to a scat site, you think you got problems being confused with a man with a big car...

    Can't stop - off to buy a cape.

  4. My giggle sounds a little like this:

  5. dirtycowgirl-I do not know what a scat site is but there is no way in hell i am going to google it
    krouth-so does mine!!Yay! there is nothing good about having a giggle like that.

  6. All my years in business, and it took reading your blog to realize that "sea-change" isn't "c-change." I thought it referred to getting all the c-level execs onboard with sweeping transformation. Kind of like I used to think War & Peace was a book about a guy named Warren Peace. Live & learn.

  7. marianne-to tell you the truth, I am not really sure what it means. I just know I do not like it on an instinctive, animal level.

  8. I want to hear more stories about Joe-baby. His name is intriguing.

  9. supercrazyrobots- I could try to get more info from her, but she might get wise to the shakedown, or snoop over my shoulder and spy me drawing Joebaby's ample butt crack
    I'm sorry, I just can't risk it.