Friday, September 16, 2011

Career Builder

I need a new job.

If I could pick, I would be one of those guys that solve historical crimes.

Or one of those guys that travel the world, tracking mystery animals.

Instead I work in special education.

My children don't respect me.

I will grow old, living in lonely obscurity.

Why did  I borrow a million dollars to be a librarian?
I don't even like the public.


  1. I'm crying here.

    You are so funny.
    I don't understand why you haven't got way more followers.

  2. Oh dirtycowgirl, you are too kind!

  3. I agree with Dirty. Where's 'Blogs of note' when you need them?!

  4. I agree and am confused that you haven't been "discovered" yet. Obviously you're not sleeping with the right people. Get on it.

  5. Lily and Marianne-thanks for the nice words! I sleep with pictures of the right people clipped from magazines-is that the same thing?

  6. Uh...someone pointed out to me that my comment above could be misconstrued as meaning I go to bed with pornographic magazines and sears catalog underwear sections-for the record, I was not even thinking along those lines when I wrote that-in fact, the mental picture I had when I wrote that was snuggling into bed with a shiny new issue of Nintendo Power.

  7. You are my hero. The girls eyebrows are pure art. Doesn't everyone have a sears catalog under the mattress?

  8. I like the color of your mittens in the sasquatch picture. The polkie-dots are a nice touch. :)

    1. Thanks! I forgot about this old post, and those pretty mittens

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