Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh Diploma, you silly twit

I finally received my Masters of Library Science in the mail.

What do you do with a useless Master's Degree?

Throw it at your useless Bachelor's Degree!!!!!!

Yaay!! Fun! Kids, do try this at home. Do it with all your silly certificates, awards, and diplomas-it's all paper! Useless paper with stupid cursive and gaudy embossing-
Its the paper you pay for until the day you die!!!
Yay college!
Yay learndding!
Its like, soooooooo worth it!

I am in no way bitter.
At all.


  1. There was a job in our paper today for a librarian that paid 100k a year. Just sayin...

  2. No way! Library jobs never pay that much around here.
    If I made 100k I would probably go bonkers and waste it all on gold-plated Lego figures and vast amounts of liposuction.
    Maybe its for the best that I accumulate useless degrees and work a job that pays in Chuckee Cheese tokens.

  3. I've heard the same range for Chicago-area. Perhaps time to move?