Monday, August 8, 2011

No, it's a craft blog!

Upon further analysis of the Blog of note phenomenon, I have discovered that I was premature in declaring this a food blog. Further layers of bias have been revealed, and these have brought to light a new direction I must take.

Gweenbrick is now a craft blog.

I will begin by putting together a care package for a special someone in my life using classic fixtures of the crafting world.

The first craft is the homemade ash tray.

You can use the medium of your choice, but I have elected to use Super Sculpy, because you can cook it and then do stuff to it.

Carefully shape the clay into a bowl shape, but do not worry too much about making it perfect. Half of the charm of crafting comes from a certain level of imperfection.

Now turn on your oven and bake it.

While your ash tray is cooking, begin the second half of the project: the pine cone bird feeder.

Apparently, pine trees around here are not giving out pine cones right now, so I had to settle for a sprig I busted off one of the branches.

Take whatever approximation of a pine cone you ended up with and roll it around in some peanut butter.

Then cover it in bird seed. 
I didn't have any bird seed, so I substituted goldfish food instead. This added lots of color and a curious smell that will probably attract all kinds of birds.

Now put a hanger on it; I used a twist tie but you can improvise.

 Now it's time to make the box you will place your homemade treasures in.
I colored a cardboard box with black sharpie, and then used the classic glue lettering with glitter highlights approach.

Unfortunately, my cheap glue ran like water.

Make sure to write your name on the bottom of the box so you know which one is yours.

Oh! Your ash tray is probably done.

Carefully take it out of the oven and wait patiently to decorate it.
I burned my fingers a little trying to write on it too soon, so please be careful.

Now when it comes to finishing the ash tray, try to make it as personalized, as heartfelt as possible.
This care package is for my Dad, so I wrote "For Your Butt!" on his ash tray.

And from a different angle:
Looking good!

Now place your accomplishments carefully into your homemade box and give them to that special someone with love in your heart.
Thanks for reading!
You can buy any of my crafts created here today from my etsy store.


  1. You're on a tear. If Blogger doesn't recognize your genius soon, let's mutiny.

  2. oh marianne, you're always so nice-tee hee.

  3. now all you need is an etsy account and use the word 'upcyled' a lot. good luck to you!