Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Corny Face

We all have our favorite cook books, our go-to culinary tome we pull off the shelf when searching for something to make for dinner.

Mine is a concise little volume titled "Silly Snacks".
This cookbook features quick, easy recipes with a playful twist.

Like "Green Meanies" for example:
Oh my...just delightful!

For today's featured taste treat, I have selected "Corny Faces":
This simple recipe is both easy and hilarious.

Let us begin.
To start with, you need a green plate and a tortilla bent in half, like this:
Then you need cheese.

Now let me tell you a fantastic secret all good chefs know: the secret of Equivalent Exchange.

Basically, Equivalent Exchange means if you do not have the exact ingredient you need, you can subsitute its equivalent. This could be its equivalent in taste, color, texture, or even description. 

For example, I have no cheese available to me, but I do have cream cheese.

Always check the date:
Good enough!

Pop the top and shovel it out.
Don't use that black/gray area on the right, though.

You should now have this:

Here the recipe calls for cucumber slices, but having none, I again employ Equivalent Exchange ( and use a jalapeno pepper.

I also do not have olives, but uncooked black beans in a little pile provide the same shine and circle shape of the absent olive.

At this point, the recipe calls for shredded carrots to make the humorous "eye brows". 

I do not have a grater and my one knife is too spicy now from chopping the jalapeno, but I did have some Play-doh scissors to shred the carrots with.
I didn't really get too much shred there, so I will just use the mangled remains of the whole carrots.

Now here is where things get a little tricky for me.
No pickles on hand, and nothing even pickle shaped.
I had to take a bit of a leap with this one, but I feel confident that I nailed it:
It's a pickled chicken foot!
It's pickley, it's nose-shaped-it's near perfect!

Sprinkle with one of your favorite seasonings (mine is glitter), and dig in.

Corny Face-the comfort food that smiles with you.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Why do you have pickled chicken's feet on hand?!

  2. They make excellent back scratchers.

  3. I'm new here and I've been reading your archives all day. I had the urge to comment earlier, but I just had to comment here. You see, I have the same cookbook. Never, ever, ever in my wildest dreams did I expect a pickled chicken foot! That just made me guffaw! The glitter is an especially nice touch. I am enjoying your blog and found you via MOV.