Monday, July 18, 2011

The Truth will make you cry

I like to look at my blog stats from time to time, or minute to minute. You can see what people searched for that lead them to your site. 
Someone did an image search for the phrase "monkey eating a pop-tart" and Google gave them this picture:
Which, in case you don't know, is an image I drew of myself eating a pop-tart back in this post.
This is pretty much a dead-on reproduction of what I look like.....
...sniff....sniff....I'm not a monkey. 
Stupid Google.


  1. i get far too many google hits from people tying things like "i look like shit" or "my abs are fat" or "mom's cameltoe." and sometimes "demi moore naked." makes me seem really appealing, doesn't it?

  2. SherilinR-man I feel better. Though if someone googled 'my abs are fat' and got back a picture of me, maybe it would be Google's way of trying to make them feel better