Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Pleasant Day at the Park

Today we walked to the park.
Halfway there, Jeffrey begins to sweat.
"I need to find a spot in the sun to sit. I need to cool down.I sit in the sun, thats the perfect way I get a tan."
He sits at a nearby picnic table directly in the glare of the hot sun.
"Ahh...this is a nice seat in the shade."
I suggest the base of a tree as a better shady spot.
We sit down, and Jeffrey studies the dirt in front of him.
He picks up a little sliver of broken plastic, something that might have come from a lawnmower running over a child's toy.
"Look at this baby rock, " he says. "If you don't mind, I'll put this in my rock collection."
He puts the plastic in his pocket.

I watch my purple girl, my 400-pound friend with the baby doll voice, laboriously make her way to one of the swings. 
I am not sure if she should sit in it, but I take a wait and see approach.
Amazingly, she fits.
The metal bar holding up the swings lets out a groan as she pumps her feet.
The swing moves about an inch, and she says "Wheee" in a voice completely devoid of enthusiasm or inflection.
 Another student announces that there is a used condom by the slide.
I go over to investigate.
She is right.

Flies begin buzzing all around us.
"Jeffrey, what time is it?" I ask.
"I can't see my watch until I wash my hands."

I decide it is too hot, even in the shade, and we walk back to school.

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