Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work so hard

Today is special Ed graduation.I am supposed to be working but I found this mobile device and I thought of something very important I need to say.
I am not used to this interface so typing every word is painful and laborious so you know how important this is.
If you could shoot any comic strip character,who would you shoot?
I would shoot marmaduke because he is not a trainable animal and ruins many things.
Born loser,because he wants to die anyway and he would be easier to hit than marmaduke.
Mark trail,because he is a smug know it all.
Keep in mind, I am not a violent person.I don't really want to shoot them.
If I met mark trail in real life,I would probably ask him lots of questions and have awkward man talk.
If I met marmaduke in real life I would make a big show of pretending to like him even though I don't really like dogs.I would do this because I've noticed people with dogs like it when you like their dogs,and if I wanted something from those people I need them to like me.
If I met the born loser in real life,I would realize he was me in five years and I would shoot
Myself because my wife was going to become a very tall brunette who is always mean to me and gratified by my failures.
This mobile typing is so hard,I can see why today's kids are so smart.


  1. I can totally picture the awks with Mark Trail!

  2. I would shoot garfield 'cause he's just a manipulative ass to everyone.

  3. And shoot Odie because he is an enabler.
    And use Nermal as a hackey-sack.

  4. I would shoot Lucy. Although the Peanuts cartoons contain some of the cruelest individuals to grace our Sunday pages, Lucy has to be the most narcissistic and obnoxious one of the bunch. I kept waiting for Charles Shultz to take his revenge on the bullies that plagued his childhood through his chosen art medium. I know I would have if I had been him.
    I wanted our pitiful prematurely bald friend to pull out a revolver and take out Lucy gangsta style. Instead her unceasing harassment was always met by the same quotable, "Good Grief." So Charlie, let me do the honors.

  5. I think Shultz discovered a basic human truth:
    in the face of adversary, have a catch phrase.
    Like for me, when some one beats me up or belittles my bald stature, I bulge out my eyes, stare at the audience, and say "And I'll take that to go!!"
    Thats my catch phrase.
    It defuses everything, summarizes all potential feelings and outcomes applicable to any given difficult situation.
    P.S. If I was a Peanuts character I would be Lucy because she is neat.

  6. You can still be like her. Open up a "psychiatric" advice stand and let people pay you to insult them. You don't even need a master's degree for that one.