Monday, June 27, 2011

This is import game

I am working on a new career as a video game designer.
This is what I have so far.

The premise of the game is pretty sophisticated, and it is hard for me to dumb it down in a way that can be explained in any traditional sense. I have a few screenshots of the gameplay, but keep in mind I do not have all the stuff done that you need to do to make a game yet. As for which system you will be able to play it on, I am thinking something like the Texas Instruments Little Professor.

In this scenario, the player must clean the bathroom with spray while the Forces For Make Sad Day, FFMSD, continually soil things with peepee.

This intense sequence tasks the player with making eggs while the FFMSD continually asks to crack the eggs, tries to crack the eggs, tries to stir the eggs, or complains about the eggs.

 This level occurs towards the end of the game; the player has to try to read, type, draw, or do any other task that requires even a sliver of focus while the FFMSD do every thing in their power to get you to stop what you are doing and play with them. This could be fighting with each other, finding ways to fight with you, pulling at the item you are trying to focus on, getting between you and the item, etc. 

I am not sure yet, but this game, if I ever finish it, might suck pretty bad.

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  1. ...i'd definitely play this is my next [unfortunate] math class.


    i played a lot of "drug wars" in middle and high school on my texas instruments ti-83 calculator because i hate math, passionately.

    i would vent about how i think taking math is pointless to a political science major, but i took my stat class and got it over with. i pray i don't have any [math classes] when i go back for my m.p.a.

    i sooo think you should market this game, lol.