Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Stool for Therapy

In many special education classrooms, you will see this:

This is called a therapy stool. Low to the ground, loosely wheeled; the perfect seat for those moments when you have to put a diaper on a grown person. 

In our classroom, the rule is no students on the therapy stools. If you do not sit squarely on the center of the stool, your chances of slipping off and crashing to the floor are about 90%. 

Our students tend to be poor estimators of where their bottoms will eventually settle when they begin the process of sitting down.

Occasionally, however, a student will decide to demonstrate anger by defiantly plopping themselves down on one of the stools. 
The results of this rebellion are often times real good:


  1. Somebody get that man some Pahm-pahs! I love that purple girl is becoming a reoccuring character on this blog, she's my fav.

  2. Does Pampers make adult diapers? I have wondered this ever since I had a patient that would shout down the hall to the nurse's station "Change my Pamper!!!"

  3. I believe that "Pampers" is a generic term for diapers, like "Coke" for soda. Our actual brand of diapers we use is called "Applebottom".