Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review #9: B/O Display Turntable for Model

 I feel like anything you put on the B/O Display Turntable for Model is going to automatically look better. It just really seems likely.

  It seemed too good to be true that all this cool stuff came with the B/O Display, but I was hopeful.


Initial impression is not too good.

Its full of stars.

I have a three year old son who has been scared of everything lately. I thought I could use the B/O Display Turntable for Model as kind of a night light. I jazzed it up a bit with a toy I had laying around, and I am pretty confident it will soothe him to sleep.


  1. Is that a pumpkin head with a dress on?

  2. Thats my Goody Goodwife doll. She is a charming old witch from colonial times who hangs outside children's windows and runs her nails up and down the glass, whispering "let me in, let me in....just a taste is all I seek.." My kids love Goody Goodwife stories! Especially when I tell them that she can only come into their rooms if they close their eyes...that keeps them up for hours. Fun!

  3. You are a true sadist sir, now I am terrified of goody goodwife too.

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