Monday, June 6, 2011

My Thoughts are so Deep

I realized that I misspoke.
I am not having trouble thinking of ideas, I am having trouble expressing all the depths of who I really am.
 The dimensions of my personality, of my aspirations, are boundless.
This diamond has so many facets:

Fashion Gweenbrick
Science Gweenbrick

Spiritual Gweenbrick

I can't finish this post.
Here I was, trying to express myself earnestly, and yet it seems I can take nothing seriously.
I am a joke even to myself.
Not one of these dimensions of my personality I tried to illustrate came out right; they are just silly, and worse, inaccurate.

I hate fashion.
I am terrible at science.

And I can't fit into my union suit anymore.


  1. You totally rock... Only the coolest people have blogs that are painfully hilarious and honest at the same time. Even if you pray with not pants on!

  2. Ha! Man I've missed this blog. I've been busy and fallen behind in reading. I'm glad I get to read so many posts at once.