Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog of Note Review

I got Blog of Note! is what I would be saying here if I got Blog of Note.
In case you are not familiar, Blog of Note is handed out by Google/Blogger daily to blogs they think are especially worthwhile, witty, or other 'w' words.
It translates into more followers, sometimes, and in my case that would be good because I need more material for my groundbreaking series "Profile of a Follower".

The formula Blogger (I keep typing 'Blooger' by mistake) uses to determine Blog of Note is inscrutable, but in the interests of science, I thought a review of several Blogs of Note would reveal a pattern or system at work that could then be exploited for various types of gain.

The most recent Blog of Note is Irish Gumbo.
Its interesting that Irish Gumbo describes himself as a Raconteur; I wonder if he is especially good at it?
My only experience raconteuring was at summer camp, and I swear my compass was faulty because I got completely lost in the woods and other campers had to find me.
I like it that Irish Gumbo has taken Max Headroom for his profile picture:
 Max Headroom was one of those shows we were Not Allowed To Watch.
Another one was Miami Vice:
My parents were kind of conservative, and thus uncomfortable with the homosexual lifestyle exemplified by Crockett and Tubbs. I did sneak and watch Miami Vice at a friend's house once; it just seemed like a lot of slow motion and Phil Collins music; nothing overtly gay happened that I can recall.

I can see why parents do not want kids to sneak and watch; like if a young boy sneaked and watched Sex and the City he might think all women care about is dresses and wieners.
Or I sneaked and watched the Tiffany video for I Think We're Alone Now and I wanted to be the giant Gumby she hugs so fiercely.
I never had to sneak and watch Gumby but I did think that show was awesome.
Especially the Blockheads:
We were not allowed to watch Dallas, but I was never tempted to sneak and watch that one.

Some episodes of some shows maybe should have been Not Allowed to Watch ones, and their dubious quality or uncomfortable subject matter would maybe have made them not sneak and watch worthy.
Like the child molester episode of Different Strokes, or when the Dukes of Hazard found the alien and tried to keep it from Boss Hogg:

 Let me know what you used to sneak and watch, too, and together we will laugh hard and curse our short attention spans that make Blogs of Note like Irish Gumbo so hard to read.


  1. I used to sneak watch Saved by the Bell and Full House. I was not allowed to watch sitcoms, which translated into no tv shows that had a laugh track.

  2. once i snuck and watched rugrats, got caught, and subsequently grounded. it was totally not worth it, even if i didn't get caught. most of my general sneakings were of the MTV/VH1 variety. rock on!

  3. Did you know laugh tracks used to have a button that said "big boffola" which was supposed to be for when you needed a giant belly laugh sound?
    If I had a big boffola button I could take around with me I bet it would be very funny for a little awhile, and then less funny, mostly irritating, than ignored, put away, only to be found again after some time had passed and become funny again.
    Did you ever hear the rumor about Rugrats that one of the animators was a devil worshipper, and randomly inserted the number '666' into the folds of Tommy's diaper in every scene?

  4. My parents didn't care what we watched, and yet they were conservative, but they weren't religious conservative, just the money grubbing version of conservatism, so I guess they didn't care what we watched as long as they didn't have to pay extra for it.

  5. GREAT POST! I'm glad I found your blog!

    Common Cents

  6. We weren't allowed to watch much TV, and one of the easiest times to sneak watch was late at night. We used to sneak watch shows like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Xena: Warrior Princess and Beastmaster. Quality television. I have no idea why my parents wouldn't encourage that type of viewing.

  7. We couldn't watch the Brady Brunch. My mom didn't like the fact that Marsha was dating at 12. I was six feet tall at 12. And a girl. Couldn't mom have alotted me just a hint of escapism via The Brady Bunch now and then? Nope. Back to PBS and National Geographic specials. Great blog!!

  8. i always used to sneak to watch the simpsons, martin, and in living color. it was awesome, and now i don't even watch those shows.

    ...oh, and i also don't have to sneak anymore, since i'm 25 and all.