Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Cannot Evaluate

I finished my internship and now I am having a Masters of Libraries.
My evaluation from my internship makes for some good reading.
Here are some excerpts (my name has been changed to protect me):

"I have observed [Gweenbrick] to be a quick learner who shows real interest in the profession and asks in-depth, thoughtful questions.  I have also observed a few areas in which I think [Gweenbrick] has some room for improvement."

"For one, [Gweenbrick] could benefit from more professional polish.  His manner with staff and patrons can come off as too-casual, which gives the impression that he doesn’t care...."

I know exactly what she is referring to here. It was just one of those days when I could not prioritize anything, you know? So many responsibilities and I guess I dropped the ball:
"a more professional email address and a more descriptive resume will improve his appeal to potential employers."

Again, she is right on the money. It was a big mistake to keep the email address I created when I was eighteen, and then refer all my professional correspondences to it.

  "in the right situations, [Gweenbrick’s] forthrightness can be an asset..."

Apparently my internship was not one of those right situations.
"He clearly indicates what he is thinking and expresses his opinions openly." 

I like how this makes me sound like a troubled child:

"[Gweenbrick] could benefit from thinking before he speaks and considering how his remarks may be taken, by coworkers and patrons alike"

 It goes on, but I am tired of drawing pictures of how awesome of an intern I was.