Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This One is For the Ladies

Ladies, I know its hard being ladies; thinking lady thoughts and living lady lives.
In the 90s, lots of game companies knew it too.

They made all kinds of games, just for you ladies.
Slumber Party, Sealed With A Kiss, Blind Date, Dreamphone.

These games are like coming home from a long day at the office wearing sexy lady work clothes, laying on the your leopard print couch, and letting the New Kids on the Block rub your sore lady feet.
I gathered all the mancandy from these games that I could, and injected them with a little longing, a little romance, and wrapped them up in a beautiful bouquet. Just for you, ladies.



  1. supercrazyrobots, u r lady? Gross.

  2. I was already laughing at the eyebrow zoom-in from the video when I read the comments. "Gross." This made me laugh.

  3. Is it just me or did we ladies really like boring names in the 90's? Dale, Phil, Gary....Alan, looking so good for Dream Phone.

  4. John's turtleneck makes him look like a cut-out black male head posted on a white body. I wish it was.

  5. This was priceless. The awkward mega-zoom-ins makes it even more delicious. You should submit this to Jimmy Kimmel.

  6. Made...my...day.... I'm going to go give Carlos a call. I'm a new reader, just getting caught up on old stuff. Great post!

  7. How do you do it? You know just the right buttons to push.