Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Happened

Shockingly enough, my number of followers ballooned.
Its like waking up in the morning and finding 16 people milling around in your bedroom.
Ahh! Get out!
Even more surprising, my stats showed more visitors in one day than I have had since I started this blog.
The bounce rate was 95%, so it was like 500 people just peeked into my bedroom and thought it looked like the bedrooms of the last forty jackasses they clicked on.
That's ok, though.
Welcome Bailey Rudd, J, sally, tabitha, nina, driss, william, mr.terodactyl.
Its nice to have more little icons winking at me while I draw simple pictures of stupid things.


  1. Zak has made it his personal mission to share your blog with the world. That is how much he loves it. He shared a link on reddit, I told him to warn you so that you wouldn't have the whole 500 people peeking into your bedroom experience but I guess he forgot. Your blog is great.

  2. Thanks! It was actually really exciting to get all those visitors. Tell Zak to carry on his mission.