Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Road Less Taken

I am almost a librarian. It does not get any cooler than that.
I have wanted to be so many things in my life, but unfortunately, none of them proved to be realistic.
I so desperately wanted to be him:
And cruise the California highways with my Latino partner, busting greasers and breakdancers, stopping to ogle rollerskaters in bikinis. Except for that last part; I was too young to have any interest in bikini skaters, and the weekly spectacle of Ponch and John awkwardly chatting up the ladies went right over my head.
Perhaps it was the rigid demands of working for the Man, but I soon left the force for more southern environs. In my new vision of a perfect career path, I was yee-hawing across all of Hazard county with these two fashion champions:

You can guess which one is me, though I don't know why I am wearing a table cloth from Bob Evans.
It must have been this dip in the country pool that made me fancy a musical career:

Yes, for a brief, innocent, time in my life, I longed to be Hee-Haw's own Roy Clark.

But cruel reality, as it always does, slapped me back to earth. My brother teased me for writing Princess Leia a love letter, Michael Knight never returned my earnest request for a working model of K.I.T.T., and one sad day I told my Dad I wanted to be a trucker. It was the only career left that still knew how to party.

But it was not meant to be. No, I have traded it all for a degree (not a job, because there are none) in Library and Information Science.
What happens to a dream deferred?


  1. That's what Second Life is for. You can be what you really want to be there. Or you could still be a Library and Information Science degree holder who can also fly.

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