Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Profile of a Follower: Tabitha

It bothers me that the Internet is so grounded in deception and misinformation.
For example, when I look at the little images of my followers, I have no idea if that is what they really look like, or if that is their real name.
I have decided that I can use my newly acquired librarian research skills to discover the real people behind those follower images, and then turn my unearthed information into a composite image of what the person really looks like.
Today I will begin with "Tabitha".
I start by clicking on Tabitha's picture.
For her profile image, Tabitha has chosen an off-center exclamation point over a blue background. I think this means Tabitha likes to surprise people with her presence, and that she is a generally upbeat person.
Oops, I am assuming Tabitha is a female, a very dangerous assumption to make when using the Internet.
Gender aside, the name "Tabitha" is old Hebrew, and usually means "a gazelle" or "like a gazelle".
I am sad that someone has vandalized the Wikipedia entry on gazelles this line seems inaccurate:
 "Gazelles are known as swift i like men... Drew Rush animals"
Ignoring that, we learn that gazelle are graceful, speedy little antelopes, but unfortunately I have a short attention span for research and now I am just curious who Drew Rush is.
Assuming there is only one Drew Rush on the Internet, a quick search through my many databases brings me to where it turns out Drew is a wildlife photographer, and scrolling through his galleries does reveal images of gazelle.
However, there is an important detail that leads me to believe the Drew Rush on Wikipedia that likes men might not be the same one I have here, for in his bio it states that "Drew lives....with his fiance Mandy..."
Could Mandy be both a man and a woman's name?
"Mandy" is Latin and traditionally means "Worthy of love", but it is possible that Mandy is short for something else.
Amanda, Mandrew, Mandel?
Then I remember Mandy Patinkin.
He is a man with the name Mandy, so Wikipedia Drew and Photo Drew could still be one and the same.
Mandy Patinkin is also Jewish, i.e. Hebrew, which brings us back to Tabitha.