Friday, March 18, 2011

Product Review #5: Home Alone 2 Action Game

1992 was a magical time. Life was simpler, and seemed to move at a slower pace. Giant Hershey bars were a nickel. The Beave had his head stuck in that iron fence. And all the world said "Awww" when this little kewpie got up to some monkeyshines:
There may well be adult collectors of Home Alone 2 merchandise, and I wish them the best on their journey.

Lets look at the box:
Its real good.

I like it that it says the paddles are "built-in", so you don't have to worry about already having some. I also like it that "pop" has quotes around it.

Its cool that it is a replica of a brownstone, like a model or something. 

Some assembly here.

Built-in paddles. Strange that you play the game by pounding on a child's face.

Lots of good detail.

They're going to be like gladiators.

These game pieces are light so as to achieve maximum "pop".
To win this game, you have to yell "KEVIN!". That is one of the best game rules I have ever read.

This is what fun looks like:


  1. (slowly stops pounding the paddles)

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