Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Product Review #4: Rockin' Ricky Repost for no reason

This is a "Rockin' Ricky" by Nikko America, Inc. I was really disappointed with this right off the bat because it smelled like cigarette smoke. Please do not smoke around fine collectibles.

There are a couple of really interesting things going on with the packaging here:
The claim "Unbelievable!" is very confident.

I like it that Ricky turns soundwaves into dance, but life-like is doing his whimsical design a disservice. 

I don't have Swingin' Suzy, so my excitement is one half of its apparent potential.

I really like this claim and I would love to see it move into widespread usage.

After reading all of the packaging, I was ready for Rockin' Ricky to blow me away. If you are like me, the first thing you wanted to know was if he had eyes.
No, he doesn't.


I was ready for Ricky to turn sound into fun:

Something is happening here, but I feel like I don't know what it is, and I have a sense that Nikko might have mislead me.


  1. I couldn't figure out where "Danny" made his appearance in the most recent blogpost. But then a rewatched the video.
    Very helpful toy review. I agree that Rockin' Ricky does something, but I am not sure that he is turning sound into fun. The spastic movements seemed like Ricky was just trying to hard, a vain attempt to get the party started. Maybe if Suzy could have been there something closer to fun would have resulted. When I make my next trip to Toys r Us, I will pass by the Rockin' Ricky aisle.

  2. I'm as confident as the claim on Rockin' Ricky's packaging that Gweenbrick makes for a most funny read.

  3. Hi. I just found this item at a flea market, and I have no idea how to access the batteries (i.e. I can't get the plastic lid off). Any help would be much appreciated.

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