Friday, March 25, 2011

2 Flushes in Quick Succession

I work in special education. If you are not familiar with the population, you should know that some of its members like to repeat the same things quite often. Here are some samples of conversations I have every day, five days a week, some for as many as the last five years running:

Student (in a Miss Piggy falsetto): "Oh Kermites, I am so beautiful-what does Fozzy say?"
Me, if I am feeling indulgent, delirious, etc: "Wakka wakka wakka."
There are 183 school days in the year, and I have had this student for four years. I have said "wakka wakka wakka" at least 730 times.

Every day, students get up and give their "news", the use of the word here being wide open to individual interpretation. One student has given the same news everyday for five years.
Student: "Wash mom...horsey riding."
I have heard that statement at least 900 times.

I have one student who asks me "Are you tired?" on average 10 times a day, and I have had that student for three years. I have been asked that question at least 5000 times.

One time I popped a mint in my mouth and a nearby student, who had given no previous indication that she was paying attention to anything, mumbled in my direction, "Yo breff not that bad." I was grateful for the encouragement.

The point of all this is that today my son flushed a public toilet and enthusiastically declared: "Daddy you would love this potty-you can flush it 2 times without waiting!" I wonder why he thinks that would matter to me.

Well anyways, when the head is empty, the mouth should close. And here is something I call Thomas Tries:


  1. i definitely exploded into laughter over this post. at work. at 5:14 pm. i leave in 16 mins, and there are about 3 more people here. i drowned out all of their convos.

    i hope you are proud.


  2. don't have anything of quality to add to that.